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Video Travel Guide For Travelers, By Travelers

Posted by Siddharth Agarwal on Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Traveling is a great way of discovering new places, people, cultures and customs in different parts of the world. In various cultures, true wisdom is associated with a traveled man. Although it is time consuming, traveling is, nevertheless, great fun. The worst nightmare of a traveler would be to find nothing that he was expecting. Such disasters can happen if one does not perform a detailed research on the places to be visited. In the best scenario, a traveler must consult a fellow traveler who has already been to the place for good first-hand advice.

The Compulsive Traveler is a website put together by the people behind the TV show with the same name on CBS. It aims at people with a hunger and passion for the globe-trotting experience. The idea is to share your experience, with others, on visiting a place. Here, you will find short videos by travelers sharing their experience and giving you a sneak-peek at what you might want to visit after watching them. From lush green plains of Europe to the world's highest mountaing range, Himalayas, in Asia, you will find everything here.

The videos, on this site, can be viewed by various categories, links to which can be found in obvious location on home page. Links under 'Places' tab, classify videos based on locations. You can browse videos by countries and regions. On the other hand, videos under 'People' tab are grouped by travelers who posted them.

Videos are also listed under various categories ranging from cruising to hotels and resorts, from eco travel to experimental travel. These help by providing a deeper insight into places while choosing one to visit. If you desire, you can also place any video on your blog or website.

You can also upload your videos, after a quick registration, to share your experiences from the past travels and visits with other fellow travelers.

References : The Compulsive Traveler.
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